Going Vertical: Citizen-led Reform Campaigns in the Philippines

Date: 2018
Authors: Joy Aceron (Editor), Danilo Carranza, Marlon Lara Cornelio, Jonathan Fox, Francis Isaac, Federick Vincent Marcelo, Rhia Muhi, Benedict G. Nisperos, Romeo Saliga.
Publication type: Book
Published by: Government Watch, Accountability Research Center

Going Vertical is the result of an action-research collaboration between Government Watch (G-Watch) and ARC on multi-level citizen action for accountability. The book investigates how one strategic approach to citizen accountability – vertical integration – enabled seven reform initiatives in the Philippines to gain meaningful results. The initiatives address:

  • Mobilizing citizens for transparency and accountability in education
  • Campaigning for agrarian reform
  • Empowering communities for housing and community services
  • Intensifying an anti-mining campaign
  • Campaigning for the rights of Indigenous Peoples
  • Advancing reproductive health rights
  • Building disaster-resilient communities

Summaries of the seven case studies are also available in Filipino.

Going Vertical is an expanded version of a research report published in December 2016, supported by a grant from Making All Voices Count (MAVC).


Joy Aceron is the Convenor-Director of G-Watch and a Researcher at the Accountability Research Center (ARC). A graduate of the University of the Philippines with a bachelor’s degree in political science and a master’s degree in public policy, Joy has 15 years of experience in citizen monitoring, citizenship education, and civil society-government engagement. She has published works on civil society participation, political reform, and vertically integrated citizen-led reform campaigns.