“In ARC, we have an important partner that helps us to reflect about our own work and improve our own ideas. Most of our partnership involves learning together and from each other.”

Walter Flores, Former Director CEGSS (Guatemala)

Health Post Patachaj, San Cristotal Totonicapán, Guatemala.
Health Rights Defenders: Carmelina Puac and Bonifacio Puac.
Photo credit: Sandra Sebastián

We learn with and from our collaborators.

Partnerships are at the core of ARC’s thinking and practice. Our counterparts do accountability work in Bangladesh, Colombia, Guatemala, India, Malawi, Mexico, Nigeria, the Philippines, Uganda, and many other countries. They work on health, education, water, budget transparency, gender and racial equity, rural development, governance, anti-corruption, and peace-building, among other issues.

Through dialogue and collaboration, ARC provides our partners with both technical and analytical support for research, learning, and strategy. This also involves joint reflection on challenges and limitations in research and practice, collaborating as “critical friends.”

We work with our partners to translate this grounded knowledge and experience into propositions that can contribute to global research agendas and drive transparent, participatory, and accountable governance.

e4ea logo

Action for Empowerment and Accountability (A4EA)
International Research Consortium

A4EA explores how social and political action can contribute to empowerment and accountability in fragile, conflict and violent settings, with a focus on Egypt, Mozambique, Myanmar, Nigeria and Pakistan. The A4EA consortium, which consists of seven international partners, is led by the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) and is funded by UKaid from the UK government.
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AFIC logo

Africa Freedom of Information Centre (AFIC)

Pan-African civil society organization

With 43 CSO members in 23 African countries, the Africa Freedom of Information Centre (AFIC) is the largest membership pan-African civil society organization and resource centre that promotes citizens right of access to information and open contracting in Africa. AFIC’s work involves research, capacity building, advocacy, monitoring implementation of regional and international treaties and facilitating information-sharing.
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Arab Watch Coalition

Arab Watch Coalition (AWC)

Arab Watch Coalition (AWC) was founded in 2018. Members represent civil society groups across Arab countries. AWC envisions inclusive, participatory, sustainable, and just development processes in the region. AWC’s works to realize this vision by empowering, facilitating, and activating the role of the civil society to influence development policies, processes, and projects funded by the International Financial Institutions.
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Bank Information Center
International NGO

The Bank Information Center (BIC) advocates for social, ecological and economic justice by amplifying local voices and democratizing development finance. BIC partners with civil society in developing and transition countries to influence the World Bank and other international financial institutions (IFIs).
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BRAC Institute of Governance and Development

BRAC Institute of Governance and Development (BIGD) is a social science research and academic institute within BRAC University, Bangladesh. By influencing policy and practice using rigorous research and by building fit-for-future capabilities through quality educational programs, BIGD aims to promote innovation and improvement in governance and development processes, leading to a just and prosperous society.
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The Centre for Democracy and Development (CDD) was established to mobilize global opinion and resources for democratic development and provide an independent space to reflect critically on the challenges posed to the democratization and development processes in West Africa, and also to provide alternatives and best practices to the sustenance of democracy and development in the region.
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Center for the Study of Equity and Governance in Health Systems (CEGSS) is a civil society organization that carries out research, advocacy and capacity building in Guatemala around social participation, public health policies and right to health. For more en español or in English.
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copasah logo

International Network

Community of Practitioners on Accountability and Social Action in Health (COPASAH) promotes community-centered and citizen-led practices to improve accountability in health. It facilitates the exchange of lessons and experiences among members and supports documentation and dissemination of lessons to help strengthen the field.
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The National Afro-Colombian Peace Council (CONPA) is a broad coalition of nine autonomous national networks, including hundreds of grassroots organizations, that advocates for the inclusion of their voices in Colombia’s peace-building process, as mandated in the Ethnic Chapter of the Peace Accord.
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controla logo

Controla tu Gobierno

Controla Tu Gobierno develops and implements social audit methodologies to empower marginalized communities in Mexico’s urban areas. Controla Tu Gobierno establishes long-term alliances with locally-based organizations which are recognized by the population, with the goal of securing the sustainability of projects and building ties with the community.
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Factly logo


Factly is a Data Journalism/Public Information initiative in India that works on the complete open data/information ecosystem (creation, analysis, consumption). To make public data and information meaningful, Factly uses tools such as public information portals (with stories, videos, infographics), tools like Counting India, open data consulting and data analysis.
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g-watch logo


Government Watch (G-Watch) is an independent national action research organization in the Philippines that works to promote dialogues in the Transparency, Participation, and Accountability (TPA) field. It aims to contribute to the deepening of democracy through the scaling of accountability and citizen empowerment.
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Jass just associates logo

International Network

JASS (Just Associates) is a global movement-building organization that strengthens the voice, safety, leadership and collective power of women activists and movements. Based in a network of organizers, popular educators and scholars in 17 countries, JASS equips and accompanies women as they take on the most critical issues of our time.
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viso mutop logo

Corporación Viso Mutop


Since 2012, Corporación Viso Mutop accompanies Colombian rural communities to promote full respect for their rights and environmental protection. Viso Mutop monitors the impact of government drug policies on human rights; conducts research on deforestation causes; engages the media and decision-makers with community-based organizations; supports improved decentralization; and engages with international networks on Sustainable Development Goals.

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International Budget Partnership
International NGO

The International Budget Partnership works in collaboration with multiple actors – including civil society, state actors, international institutions, and the private sector – to bring about a world in which empowered citizens participate in open, inclusive budgeting processes to shape policies and practices that promote equity and justice on a sustainable basis.
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pads logo

Promoters of Self-Management for Social Development (PADS)

Promoters of Self-Management for Social Development (PADS) is a civil society organization, founded in 1993, that uses interdisciplinary approaches and participatory-reflexive methods to promote capacity-building so that men and women in rural Guerrero can use self-management to transform their local context and living conditions.
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sathi logo


Support for Advocacy and Training to Health Initiatives (SATHI) has nationally pioneered health rights approaches in India since 1998, fostering accountability of public, private health sector and inter-sectoral community action through partnerships with civil society organizations, facilitating local to national advocacy and health system research.
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SSAAT logo


Society for Social Audit, Accountability and Transparency (SSAAT) is an independent parastatal agency set up by the Indian state Government of Telangana. In partnership with social activists and government, SSAAT promotes the empowerment of rural communities directly benefiting from anti-poverty programs to minimize waste of public funds.
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